At Your Service, My Liege...

Our rains have now become frozen t e a r s,
and my {ears} toll with the laughter of children at last…
Burmecia is at its end of restoration.

Final Fantasy IX RP account for Freya Crescent.
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She thought for a moment, but then took out one of her Bombs. “You see this? You light up this thingy here with fire.” she pointed at the fuse. “Then you throw it at you enemys. They then dissapear with a great spark of Fire.” she answered.

         The young ones exchange fascinated glances, but soon a boy speaks for all of them. “You’re a bombardier!” By the spring of his strong legs, he jumps before Tina, muzzle dropped in amazement. “Papa would never let me near them, but I have always been fascinated by the making of dynamite!”

As you should. Lady Tina is a fine weapon’s specialist for her age.” Every awed child pivots behind, Freya standing near with a knowing grin. “However, she is a professional. If I hear any of you toy with these things, I’ll toss you into the dungeon myself!”

       Awww but Lady Freya-“ She snaps a claw, single brow risen sternly. 

       ”No buts! Your parents will have my head!” The children uproar a protest, laughter inspired by the sight of the lady knight. Nora is quick to pass her own daze, running to Lady Freya with a young giddiness. 

      “Lady Freya! By your permission, I wish to take the Lady Tina to meet mother and father!” Freya’s ears fluter in surprise, a grin met, as well as a cautious brow.

Perhaps a later time. The Lady Tina has a meeting to attend tomorrow morning and I think it best she rests.”  Nora visibly deflates, little arms dangling and eyes watering.

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Boltrunofdestiny said Well I can tell you that this is REALLY good…

Outofrain: thank you:D Lord, I’m excited about this school year, but this project was such a huge surprise O.O! Totally worth it though…

Outofrain: my very first attempt at stenciling as a school project. I don’t know if I want to cry because I made it better than expected, or if I could have done better:|


Outofrain: Athena and Lancia from a Borderlands!AU Rp!
Little Lancia faces a dilemma which tests not only her loyalty as a daughter, but the purity of a priestess. For the young acolyte, lying is seen as much of a sin as murder.

Outofrain: more SetzerxFreya frienemies!


"… May I help you?"



Oh dear. Had he been staring? It wasn’t everyday one encountered a mouse…person…Or perhaps they were common on this plane. Still, no sense in being rude.

"My apologies madam, I seem to have lost myself in thought for a moment. I did not mean to cause you discomfort." 

His eyes drifted to her tapping claw, well familiar with the stifling of emotion through such small acts. After all, each individual was merely an actor, and the parts played called for restraint, more often than not. At least for those who wished more than a bit part. 


"T’would be a shame to end a potentially blossoming friendship so very soon. Let it suffice to say that my words come not from petty bias, but from many years hard experience. Experience however, cannot be shared in a simple conversation over drink. I shall keep my thoughts to myself, and offer my sincere apologies for any offence I have caused you." 

       —She must applause the man for his languid speech, for she nearly fell prey once again. The claw ceases its movement, silent upon the tankard when her eyes blink a soft regain of composure. Sincerity or none, an apology is an apology. 

             ”You are forgiven. If you’ll allow my boldness once more, I could sympathize your views, but as my own journeys came to reveal, I am friend to but one.” More levels at her tongue, but explanation more may incense another unkempt sentence. “If I too gave offense, then my apologies.” The tankard left to the table, she lips her muzzled lip in question. “Will it be too bold of me to ask of your experience of the beasts?”



So I still need to raise £175 in a day essentially, in order to make rent. As it stands that’s not going to happen. The only leeway the bank will give me is 3 more days on top of that. Then they start charging me £60 by the day.

I desperately, desperately need the money.

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