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Our rains have now become frozen t e a r s,
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Burmecia is at its end of restoration.

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"The power?" He raised an eyebrow at that, did she truly think that is what tormented him? "Freya, you are my lance, my love, my life, trust me when I say this." 

His finger ran along her cheek, leaning forward he kissed her other gently. "The power isn’t what torments me, the darkness is something I have come to accept and it cannot be used against me any longer. What torments me is what I am, the very thing that I am. The last one I loved I almost killed. Do you understand?"


His fear, his true fear, wasn’t his power, it was hurting her.

        Eyes tantalize the shadows of the past to play too deeply in his thoughts, she sees, when she pulls him closer, her hand gently gathered to his head, honeyed locks held. She raises a finger to trace his cheeks, his rosen lips. 

       ”My Kain… you fear you shall harm me if it ever arouses once more?” 

 Her hearts tightens, his words filled with sorrow. A regret he fears he will repeat. 

        —the gods forbid it, if she does not first. 

       ”My sweet… You are my heart, and my soul, and as such, trust onto me yours. If the Darkness shall ever torment you, I will come and fight with you… for you.”

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A small lab rat creeps over, flat to the ground and watching her curiously. Never had she seen such a thing, what was it? It looked soft. The little rat trilled softly and lifted her head some. "Hello?" came the soft voice.

     She blinks at the sudden voice, the softest she’s ever heard, almost piqued. Around the room she searches, her thoughts discarded for a knight’s alertness.

    —”Who is there?”


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*drums fingers idly*

Ears quiver at finger drumming. “…. That grates my nerves, if you’re aware.”

"Oh now I’m aware, thanks to you, kitten." The drumming ensues.

 A snarl nearly plays at her snout. “Cease that immediately!!”

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Kain walks up beside Freya as the queen is speaking, a rare playful mood taking over and he reaches down and grabs her rear, giving it a soft but firm squeeze. He knew he would pay for this teasing later but while she couldn't react he wondered how much she could take. ((OH I AM SO NOT SORRY))

    One of many guests yank upon her attention, an overly-painted face of a lady who speaks behind her fan, yet the attempt fails to guard the breath pungent of chew from the sensitive nostrils of the Dragon Knight. She uncomfortably endures the lady’s flighty knowledge of airships, the news so repeated Freya nearly groans.

     Then the scent of her beloved husband mingles tenderly, almost pulling her eyes elsewhere in search of him if not for the royal.


             his hand does the job with a firm squeeze!

       ”Oh!!” Her shoulders solidifies, back erect and jaw dropped in complete shock when she nearly snaps at his boldness! He only grins when she grits her teeth.

           You-! You-!! 

        Any insult so close to her lip is stopped by the royal, concerned of the Lady Freya’s odd reaction.

        “No! No, my lady… It is no fault of yours!” She tosses Kain a glare, promise deeply embedded in her emerald orbs.   

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trenokingsman said: ((I’m sorry if that seemed rude. o xo ))

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*drums fingers idly*

Ears quiver at finger drumming. “…. That grates my nerves, if you’re aware.”

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[ ᄏ ]

outofrain: I played the xylophone once… I wasn’t really that good.

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trenokingsman said: ((What’s wrong with “eyes?” o no What’s wrong with calling a thing what it is? Sometimes it just helps to use the right word for the job!))

outofrain: Yes, ma’am! I’ll keep that in mind!

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メ:Cupcakes or muffins?


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✏, ♎ , ✄


✏: Freya is one of the only women characters (besides Garnet) who actually has my love and respect. The heroins of nowadays, women are either bitchy, disrespectful, or just plain slutty. Freya’s conservative and knowns how to be a badass about it.  

♎: I know purple prose is seen as a bad thing because it’s like trying to mimic the writing from way back when, but I love it! Yes, I have to learn to balance it to make it more understandable, but I love the flowery writing.

✄: However (I use the word myself in my language), Ivory(ITS A PRETTY WORD), and orbs (Its better than saying spheres or eyes)

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