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Our rains have now become frozen t e a r s,
and my {ears} toll with the laughter of children at last…
Burmecia is at its end of restoration.

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She belly dances somewhat awkwardly, concentrating hard for a tight core and loose for every roll and pivot of her foot. Jay then walks in and purrs. Freya then grabs the nearest televison control and tosses it into his head, a smack reverberated through the house. 

outofrain:I wouldn’t do that!!

Muse: But you wanted!

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Alright, this day I shall not venture beyond the walls of this house! I will eat my food here, and not order take out!” She then proceeds to entwine her fingers in a gesture of lovesickness"Oh! Jay-bear! You say you wish to eat out! Alright, then! I will pay! Why does your hair seem a red fuzzball this day?"

Outofrain: Jerk…

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I seriously need to get started on those college entries. Should I buy some coffee on the way? But I have coffee here. Yet it’s gross. AND DAMMIT QUIT TALKING TO MYSELF!! Oh wait, I’m talking to Jesus. Sorry.” Freya proceeds to face palm.

Outofrain: I’m not as disorganized NOW, Freya!!!! 

MuseWhere’s the fun in affronting your ‘better’ attributes?

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"…will I ever remember?"

Do you ponder of memories forgotten, Sir Light?”image


"Should I not, Lady Crescent?"

Eyes shift wayward, near to reveal memory raw. “Perhaps you must, if that be your purpose to retrieve memories lost.” There’s no surety in thought, for perhaps he must leave behind a life unknown; yet what if there be lives whom he loved, and in turn loved him? As Fratley had been once upon a time…?

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Now, now…” A cat aspiring to become her, if flattering, tends to be seen oddly, “You shall be yourself, only wiser.”image


"How does Kitty become a wiser?"

The wisest path to knowledge is to listen to those who tell onto you the horrors of wrong choices and refuse to repeat mistakes done of their peers. Most of all, to do onto others as you wish onto you.”image

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Hm…” All is stated in one small sigh, heavy with hardships new that has also infected her family. Her daughter especially… “It tests your character, doubtless I am of that… yet, nobility has lost its trace in all but Sanctuary…” Her gaze shifts toward the scientist curiously. “Why do you not reside among them? You are nothing of a brute.”

A long breath of air parted her lips. “I’m unfortunately not in any position to leave. Jack makes sure of it… Not only that, but a Hyperion scientist like myself wouldn’t exactly have the best reputation in a place like Sanctuary. I’ve… been used to cause a lot of pain to a lot of undeserving people…”

Only moments ago, judgement will have passed on, but then Jack made certain the code she based her very life upon will be broken. Ears fall back, brow sharpened in shadow. “I know well of what you speak. I myself had once been a resident of Sanctuary. Jack made some… arrangements in order to exile me.” And she is so ear to discovering her missing sons. “Tis a regret I shall take onto my death.”

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"…will I ever remember?"

Do you ponder of memories forgotten, Sir Light?”

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 There was a pause as an exorbitant amount of time passed there was a glazed look in the man’s eyes… not of spirits or of drugs. Just of dimwitted confusion.


"There… There were a lot of big words there… But this is important! I see you would be one for adventure! Maybe we should join forces against any evil that may plague the land!" Very… Very one track minded hero type… If not helped, he would undoubtedly get himself killed. Also it seemed the track was half finished… or not even started… actually one could not be sure if there was even a track to be had with this man’s undoubtable genius.

Adventure? Evil that may plague the land?

You speak in poisoned tongue!” His mind seems lost, or he truly is that of the most juvenile, a lacking ethos of character based from stories of adventures. Never mind he must be thrown out under uninvited entrance to the city, but the impassioned speech will disturb the people, frightened by the words of a loon.

That is quite enough!” She fists the nape of his crimson robe harshly, the weighty man on his toes by the heave of a strong arm. “You shall vacate this city or suffer a day in the dungeon!”