At Your Service, My Liege...

Our rains have now become frozen t e a r s,
and my {ears} toll with the laughter of children at last…
Burmecia is at its end of restoration.

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my bae, Freya

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"Babies" ~ [[I know I shouldn't, but I'm just so curious, hnngh x.x]]




Emerald orbs dart to Scaeda, then the girl. Scaeda only looks away, a refusal to answer any other fiery questions, but the child seems answer enough.

 HOW?! Her mind refuses anymore comprehension than what he said. A day has not passed that she can recall a day they had ever- EVER- Shared a night of pure intimacy.

 The toddler sucks her pudgy fist, big eyes set by the fascination of golden discovery. A large smile lifts her pudgy cheeks when she gurgles.


Black surrounds her world. Lungs breath their last as she faints.

The black mage cannot recall any such night either. He has no clue how this has come to be, especially if the mother doesn’t recall anything either - after all, she would have had to bear the child until birth!

He really has no idea what to do about this.

So for now he waits at the woman’s side until she wakes again.

"Just what… what am I to do with you…?"

The young man cannot help but pet the girl’s hair while he is sitting next to Freya, waiting.

        —Covers rummage by the bat of her tail, restless in dreamless sleep. Light pierces through her closed lids, time given to explanation that she lay by her lamp; but when had she ever moved to bed…? Emerald orbs shoot alive, shoulders catapult upright when she sits on her mattress. 

          “Mama’s awake!” Another form falls on her bed, four arms crawling to her with excitable speed. The strength of the Burmecian child’s happy leap nearly pushes the dazed knight back onto the mattress, but astonishment keeps her rigidly in place. Her jaw falls open with unspoken questions, eyes completely bulbous once she sees Scaeda awaits patiently by her side. 

            Her expression is loud enough without voice. 

           What the hell is THIS!?!

The Dawn after the Night


A silent “Thank You” is mumbled when he reluctantly reaches for the bread and starts to eat it slowly. He couldn’t turn her kindness down, and she did speak true when she said he’d need his strength…

So instead he focuses on the piece of bread until her words reach his ears.

"Cleyra…? Uhm… no… not that I’d know at least… But… I suppose many a thing could have changed in the years since I last saw her…"

Ever since she abandoned him…

            — An ear quivers once more, a habit produced from thought, when she turns fully to his direction, unable to hide the pity. If she has insults him, Dragons forgive her… “I can already see change for the better. You grew strong despite her.” The gold filagree of her tea cup glints under the lamplight suspended above them, more for decor. “Forgive me if I speak too boldly.”

              — The rains muffles the song of fire deep in the hearth, her back warmed by the comforting warmth. She deeply wishes to discuss more of his mother, but it is not at all her business, nor will she pry any longer.

              For now.

          “I can make arrangements for your comforts, should you choose to remain in Burmecia longer. As the king’s advisor,” Her cheeks tint red by the admission, “I can see to it. A home which you can return each time you arrive.”


らくがきつめあわせ | a

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The child is small, barely an inkling to her hip. Big, curious eyes remain upon a plump face, scratching the knight's throat with an embarrassed 'ahem'. "Are you lost, miss?" (Does this work??)



[Yush uwu]

Cherish turns to see someone. She was glad to find someone here, seemed a bit dead or people are just sleeping. She got a look at the female and nodded “I am” she rub the back of her head.


"I’m Cherish" she smiles at her "Can you tell me where I am?" she asked her. Cherish doesn’t know how she ends up in these worlds, but is getting use to it.

          —Burmecia, my dear… Filled with compassion, she opens her coat, a makeshift umbrella to the strange child. “Tis no place for a human, unfortunately…” Dragons know the people would gladly toss her from the town. “It will be best to come with me. You’ll be safer within the castle.”